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As an artist who just likes to see good things happen, Julie

has supplemented her sculptural practice with curation and

project management of arts events for the past 20 years. As

one of the founding members of the Contemporary Sculptors

Association and the Yarra Sculpture Gallery as well as

running her own hospitality business for 8 years, Julie has

developed skills that allow her to respond to any task she is

presented with.

Curating & Projects CV

Selected Projects Curated by Julie Collins

Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2014

2014 Expression of Interest.

2014 Expression of interest Application form

Scarlett Award Guidelines

Lorne Sculpture 2011

Lorne Sculpture 2011-Catalogue

Ballarat Exhibitions and Projects

Backyard Gallery- a regional art perspective catalogue

BackYard Gallery - a public art perspective catalogue

Backyard Gallery- A Public Perspective Short Film

City of Ideas

Unicorn lane Gallery- Launch Pad

Williamstown Contemporary Art Prize

Williamstown Art Prize 2010

Yarra Sculpture Gallery Exhibitions



Toorak Sculpture Exhibition

Toorak Sculpture

Golden Plains Arts Trail

Arts Trail 2009

Arts Trail 2008